Who We Serve

     LegacyWorld Vending is your full-service vending company located in Atlanta , Georgia . We provide top-notch service to our clients throughout the Georgia area. 


LegacyWorld Vending is a fully insured locally owned family business that puts our client’s interest first.


• We offer a wide selection of name brand popular snacks, beverages, foods, and healthy snacks.


• Excellent service and extremely fast response time.


• Customized programs to meet your organizations unique needs.


    Our goal is to provide our clients with quality and affordable vending solutions. We give your employees and customers the vending choices they want while saving money, increasing production, and keeping everyone happy. We also provide healthy snack and beverage options specifically designed for your location or type of business.  

Our Service to You

Our Services are custom designed to support any business needs and desires. Our team will work closely with your desenated agent to provide the solution to your business needs.


Our Vending Machine can service the education system from elementary to high school to college. We can curate the needs to balance supporting the student's health and energy as well as productivity providing supply refills needed to stay on task.

Industrial Supplies 

Our Vending Service will provide the customer service and employee support, including both food and beverage as well as industrial supplies, such as tools and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) materials. For Warehouses, distribution & fulfillment locations.


LegacyWorld Vending Services can provide the needs to support your Construction crew and work site. Our vending machines can provide the needed support for your crew members and operators while remotely on site or at home office.  

Government & Military 

Our government requires support in various ways, LegacyWorld Vending Services can provide the needs to serve Government and Military in all ways requested

Transportation & Automotive

LegacyWorld Vending Services pride ourselves on our efficient procedures and solutions. Understanding the needs of the Transportation Industry, Our Vending Systems can alleviate the preparation time from Office to Client for your drivers. As well as provide the aid to customer care on site. 

Entertainment & Retail

LegacyWorld Vending Serivices understands the importance of the timeline on set, maintaining the peace of work crews, and having the needed supplies on hand.  Wedding venue , Event space , Music Studio , ETC 



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